Monday, June 29, 2009

My Class Blog

I can't believe I said the words "I want to set up a blog for my class". One small step at a time. I will be getting some expert help from a very dedicated colleague who is very patient with my small steps.

So watch this space.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Eastnet Lead Teacher PD Day

Oh boy!!! Information overload, however I think it's important to learn one thing well and store all the other stuff for a later date. My brain gets too full of usernames and passwords.....arghhhhh!!!

If you would have asked me what Web2.0 was last week I would have avoided the question, even though it is a terminology that I have heard of many times. Well now....ask me again? I currently use a Web2.0 tool everyday in the form of Facebook (a wonderful way to communicate with my daughter overseas). I also have a blog page and wiki which are all Web2.0 tools. WOW! I'm using Web2.0 and I didn't even know it. Now that I know they are web tools that have a social collaborative context. Today I also established a Wallwisher site (another Web2.0 tool)

Now can you see why I have username and password overload????????

NOTE the link to my wiki missmilly



Hi Guys n Gals

I have created a Wallwisher wall. It is a simple webpage where we all can post our messages easily.

So simply go to here and post your message there.

Happy Posting!


Making Tabs

Hahahaha!!!! I can open a new tab by pressing command and then clicking on the link when I thought I could only press 'command t'.