Thursday, August 27, 2009


I dragged a heap of photos into imovie and played about with cropping, adding text, transitions and music from my itunes. Then shared to a quicktime. So so easy. But can't put it on facebook because of the copyright on the music.

Quicktime of Brenda

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Today's Learning

Many new things learnt at the ICT Cluster Workshop.

I will now use the Digistore more often.

Check out the link...I can link....!!!! is a site that cuts out and hides all the background ads and junk on Youtube. Open and click on the bookmarklet

and drag it to your bookmark bar. Then when you are on youtube you click on 'quietube' in your bookmark bar and the ads around the youtube video disapear. Cool!!!

Ideas for grouping students

Two circles of people with one circle inside the other circle. After talking with each other for a set time the outer circle moves in a clockwise direction. They can move one or two people (what ever is specified) and then talk/discuss again.

Spinning Wheel
People in groups of three spaced around the room. After talking and sharing with each other for a set time one person moves clockwise, one person moves anticlockwise and one person remains. Then people talk/discuss again and move again.