Tuesday, March 9, 2010

ICT LT Cluster Day

The best thing about today was the morning tea. Gotta love Belinda's homemade afghan's and the vegetarian fillo pockets. Oh and the lunch was delicious too....thanks.

After much deliberation I have created a blog for the students of Room 17. I will be working with my students and uploading evidence of them using a range of ICT tools in their Literacy Programme. We have been using Keynote with hyperlinks to different pages and when this is finished I will share the process on my blog. So....watch this space!

Room 17 Superstars

I've had the privilege of using a 'Flip Video'. It's so easy to film the students and then with one press of a button a USB pops out of the side and you can plug it into your laptop and iphoto automatically opens and you can download the video footage. Just brilliant and so easy. If your lucky enough to have a Flip Video in French you can easily change it to English by pressing the red record button while the icon is visible on the screen when you first turn it on. Then you can change the FRENCH to ENGLISH.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Inserting Tables & Editing Cells

An extremely busy start to the year. Having 2 years experience working with students to upload tables/graphs and edit the cells and change the colour, has enabled me to assist staff and students to upload these to their e-portfolios. I'd like to think that some teachers have been pleased that their students have had this experience last year and that the road to success has been a little smoother. The best teacher can sometimes be the student themselves.

This student is well on their way to achieving their goal. Each week the student will edit this table and enter the result from their spelling test. Evidence of achievement is easily identified.

mmm.....can I remember how to do this?

Welcome to my blog for 2010!