Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Action Research

Year 2010 brings new adventures in my e-learning. This year I will be undertaking an Action Research project incorporating e-learning tools into my classroom programme. The students will be uploading work onto their class blog. Room 17 Superstars

Things I wasn't aware of when starting a blog -
- ANOTHER password!!!!
- that my class needed their own email address!
- each student needs to know how to 'log in'
- there also wasn't a 'dashboard' on the class blog.....I thought they only came in cars!

Eventually I'll get my head around all of this.


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  2. opps...problem number 2...deleting comments that you don't want to delete...opps! Sorry Miss Signal :(

  3. Would you like to sit down for a "blog" session when you have some release time in the near future? I can help you try and get your head around it all as it's logical once you know how it all works!