Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Had a great lesson on blogging today. Getting my class blog up and running. Room 17 Superstars. Still very confused about all the accounts, usernames and passwords but this time I wrote them down. A lesson learned from when I first started on this ICT journey.

The class blog will be a place that the students will eventually take ownership of and be uploading their own work, reflecting on their work and that of their peers. First they will learn how to use vocaroo to record themselves reading from a book at their reading level. Using vocaroo will develop the students fluency.

ULearn10 Christchurch - presenting with colleagues - scary thought!!
Spent several hours today discussing ideas to present at a national ICT conference. What have I got to offer? What can I possibly teach other people? Everything I know has been done before and by more experienced people. Will our submission be accepted? Watch this space....

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  1. You will be fabulous and I'm sure that your submission will be accepted as you have lots to share! Got some good ideas to share with you if you're keen to work on fluency with the kids - remind me at some stage!! :)